Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure your meals:


We use Standard Stainless Steel measuring cups for our vegetables, rice and quinoa.  We use high quality, commercial food scales for protein and potatoes.

The weight listed on the menu is the precook weight - the post cook weight will vary but is typically 75% of the precook weight.  ALL nutritional info is based off of PRE cook weight - this does NOT change when cooking. 

This is noted on our menus and we do our best to ensure order accuracy. Please contact us with any questions!

Are your meals GLUTEN FREE:


The MAJORITY of our meals do NOT contain any Gluten Containing ingredients.


We have ONE seasoning with Gluten in it. The BLACK BEAN BURGER has gluten in it. Those are the only TWO items with Gluten 


Please remember to LIST ALL ALLERGIES when making an order.


Delivery Schedule:


Once we receive an order we require a minimum of 24 hours to process your order. 


Currently, you can schedule deliveries from 10am-8pm Sunday-Thursday and Takeouts are available 10am-6pm Sunday-Thursday.


Methods of Payment:


At this moment we accept Paypal, Credit Card and Cash as forms of payment.  


We are considering Bitcoin for the near future.




Are these good for Diabetics:


YES!  We have portioned these meals with HEALTH being the number one concern!  These meals have about 35-55g of COMPLEX carbs in each meal.  Which would make them IDEAL for people who have Type 2 diabetes!


Some people who have Diabetes ask us to eliminate carbs completely - however, the American Diabetes Association suggests eating a small portion (up to 60g) of COMPLEX carbs per meal (individual #'s vary).


Please see the link: for more information.



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