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Take $5 off your order!  Flash discount starts 1/29/19 and ends at 11:59PM on 2/21/2019.

Valid: 2019-01-29 - 2019-02-21
Bethany Hall

For Bethany Hall

Valid: 2018-09-13 - 2019-09-13

Take 10% off of your order with discount code NOMNOM10

Valid: 2018-08-07 - 2019-08-07
Orange Theory

Discount for Orange Theory Staff and Members

Valid: 2018-07-25 - 2019-10-15

Hello Friends!

Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system.  They work long, hard shifts and receive little thanks. The Brother of creator/owner Jim Thomas is a Nurse and after many discussions we decided to offer a PERMANENT 15% off discount as a token of our thanks! 

We understand that Nursing is a rewarding, yet stressful career. We hear stories of 12+ hour shifts, exhaustion and no time to prepare or eat healthy food. Fortunately we can repay a little of our debt to those who are so important to the health of our community.

We hope this helps you make healthier choices for yourself, not just your patients! We already work with Carilion but please help us SHARE this information with all of our Nurses & CNAs in Roanoke & Salem.  Regardless of your office or location, please use this code to save on your order!

**ID May be required for first time orders with HOME delivery. If we deliver to a Hospital or Office, no ID will be required**

Valid: 2018-03-20 - 2020-03-31

Hello Friends!

We want to show our gratitude to all the Teachers who help us, every single day. Without you, we couldn't grow as a community.  We want you to know how much you mean to us - please accept this PERMANENT 15% off discount as a token of our thanks!

We understand that Teaching is a Noble and Rewarding profession. Unless you're talking about money. Financially, it can cause a strain and many people say "It's too expensive to eat healthy". 

We hope this helps and until we can work with the City/County School systems, please help us SHARE this information with all of our Teachers, Faculty and Staff of our education centers!

**ID May be required for first time orders with HOME delivery. If we deliver to a SCHOOL, no ID will be required**

Valid: 2018-03-20 - 2020-03-31

If you are a student of Lindamood Martial Arts then you can receive 15% off your meals!  Fueling your body with healthy food should be a top priority for those who are active - especially with Martial Arts!


In order to qualify for the discount - you MUST be  a current student (or parent) and the delivery MUST be made to Lindamood Martial Arts Center. 


No home/work deliveries or takeouts allowed.

Valid: 2017-02-17 - 2019-03-01

We Serve Those Who Serve Us!

Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS and Military all receive 20% off any order from FPS Roanoke!

Veterans still receive a 10% discount for their prior service!

We are very appreciative of what you do and have done for our communities and country. 

Thank you,

FPS Roanoke

Valid: 2017-01-15 - 2020-01-31

EMS Discount

Valid: 2017-01-15 - 2020-01-31

Firefighter Discount

Valid: 2017-01-15 - 2020-01-31

Law Enforcement Discount

Valid: 2017-01-15 - 2020-01-31
Veteran Discount

Veteran Discount

At Food Prep Service Roanoke,

We appreciate your service to our great nation!

For your time spent in the Armed Forces we are pleased to offer a PERMANENT 20% discount on ALL meals ordered from us.

This applies to your Food Prep Meals - but also applies to any food purchase at our restaurant FPS Cafe & Spirits inside the Patrick Henry!

Please provide ID upon takeout/delivery :)

Thank you for your service,

FPS Roanoke

Valid: 2017-01-12 - 2020-01-31