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Hello Friends!

Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system.  They work long, hard shifts and receive little thanks. The Brother of creator/owner Jim Thomas is a Nurse and after many discussions we decided to offer a PERMANENT 15% off discount as a token of our thanks! 

We understand that Nursing is a rewarding, yet stressful career. We hear stories of 12+ hour shifts, exhaustion and no time to prepare or eat healthy food. Fortunately we can repay a little of our debt to those who are so important to the health of our community.

We hope this helps you make healthier choices for yourself, not just your patients! We already work with Carilion but please help us SHARE this information with all of our Nurses & CNAs in Roanoke & Salem.  Regardless of your office or location, please use this code to save on your order!

**ID May be required for first time orders with HOME delivery. If we deliver to a Hospital or Office, no ID will be required**

FPS Roanoke -
FPS Roanoke
4115 Melrose Ave
Telephone: +1 540-655-0546

Redemption code: NURSE
Dates Valid: 2018-03-20 - 2020-03-31