Lucas Therapies
To redeem, print this coupon, or use your mobile phone to scan in the QR Code below. You can also use the code "LUCAS" to apply this discount to items ordered online. Click here to apply this discount to your current order.

Lucas Therapies is committed to ensuring the best treatments possible.  They are a fantastic choice for PT/OT and other rehab needs!

Proper nutrition is one of the most important aspects of your recovery. It can help prevent weight gain due to lack of mobility. It can help with recovery times by providing the nutrients your body needs. 

We understand how mobility issues can hamper your ability to make healthy food. We would like to offer all patients of Lucas Therapies 10% off our already low prices to ensure they have access to our healthy, whole food meals!  The best part is... We deliver!  It's only $1.50 per order (not per meal) and should you have severe mobility issues we can, by request, even stock your fridge.

We hope your recovery goes smoothly and we want to make eating healthy easy and affordable for you!

FPS Roanoke -
FPS Roanoke
611 S Jefferson St
Telephone: +1 540-400-6879

Redemption code: LUCAS
Dates Valid: 2017-01-24 - 2018-01-31