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We are moving to 4115 Melrose Ave. Due to unforeseen technical issues during the move we are unable to fulfill orders for the coming week. Please stay tuned. If you have already placed an order for the upcoming week we will be calling you to let you know about the delay. We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.





The listed weight and nutritional info for the protein portion is the PRE cooked weight.  The nutritional content of protein (calories, carbs, protein, fat) is ALWAYS calculated using PRE cook as this does not change significantly during cooking.  We have used this method since the beginning and it is printed on our menus. 


Welcome to FPS Roanoke. Where we make eating healthy, convenient AND affordable.

 We offer a variety of healthy meals for anyone who wants to eat better. The idea is simple! Pick a Protein, Vegetable and Carb - we do the rest! They come in 3 sizes: Light, Medium and Full! Great for lunch or dinner - healthy without the hassle and starting at only $4.99


 Why waste half of your lunch break searching for food?  These meals are precooked - just heat and eat! 2 minutes or less and you're ready to go! 


 We have moved to our NEW LOCATION!! We are now located at 4115 Melrose Ave, Roanoke VA 24017.  Near the Peter's Creek intersection. Takeouts can be made here Sunday-Thursday 10am to 8pm. For orders of $10 or more - we offer delivery for only 3.00! Our delivery area is about 8 miles.


If you are unable to come inside (small children, animals, difficulty walkng) call 540 400 6879 and we will bring it out to you - curbside service!


We require a 24 Hour minimum for all orders but you can schedule an order up to 30 Days in advance!


To order, click the "Click here to start your order" tab or call 540-400-6879 during business hours (10am-8pm S-Th).